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Simple Steps for filling out SBDI Envelopes

One large SBDI envelope containing the following:

  • One small SBDI envelope for each General / Mechanical Contractor containing a copy of their bid.

  • One small SBDI envelope for the SBDI Authority containing a copy of their bid(s). Separate envelopes for the SBDI Authority can be submitted if preferred.

Attach to the outside of the large envelope:

  • One small SBDI Declaration Form envelope containing the signed Declaration Form and required security.

  • One additional small SBDI envelope for the SBDI Delivery Branch is required only when the SBDI Authority and the SBDI Delivery Branch are not one in the same. This envelope will contain copies of the bids to the General / Mechanical Contractors, a copy of the Declaration Form, and a copy of any security included in the tender.


It is not necessary for the bidder to give the same price to all General / Mechanical Contractors, but the SBDI Authority and the SBDI Delivery Branch must have a copy of each of the different bids given to the General / Mechanical Contractors.

You may use old SBDI envelopes but they must be the appropriate branch.

You must use the current Declaration Form.  Old forms will not be accepted.

Bid Bonds must be made out for an additional 15 days above the acceptance period as set out in the specifications (see Declaration Form, item 2).


Need help filling in your Tender Form?  Click here to view a Sample Standard Tender Form.

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